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Services For Americans With Disabilities (ADA)

AllRoads at Your Service

AllRoads can help when customers with disabilities travel with us. We can arrange for just the right assistance along the way with notice at the time of booking.

We listen to you and ask the right questions to provide assistance to customers with disabilities. If the traveler cannot provide notification at time of booking, AllRoads staff and service providers will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the customer without delaying bus departure.

AllRoads Cares

AllRoads CaresYou can count on the people at AllRoads to go the distance to make charter bus travel a pleasant, comfortable and convenient experience for all of our customers, especially those with disabilities. AllRoads staff and bus operators will provide assistance, upon request, with boarding/alighting coaches, luggage, transfers, stowage and retrieval of assist devices and other reasonable requests.

AllRoads is dedicated to helping our customers in any way we can, and we give extra consideration to customers traveling alone, with a personal care attendant, using assist devices, or accompanied by a service animal.

Proof of Disability

In keeping with AllRoads commitment to customer care, and in accordance with federal regulations, proof of disability is not required.

Service Animals

With AllRoads, service animals may travel with customers with disabilities who adhere to the following guidelines: A service animal is the responsibility of its owner and must be under the control of its owner at all times (i.e., by leash, harness, carrier, etc.). A service animal must ride in the coach within the customer's "space." Service animals may not sit or stand in the aisle of the coach, nor may they occupy a seat. AllRoads reserves the right to refuse passage to any animal that poses a direct threat to the health and safety of other customers or to bus operator personnel.

Priority Seating

At AllRoads, we’re sensitive to our customers’ special needs, and individuals with disabilities are welcome to priority seating. Front seats on either side of the coach are designated as priority seating. Upon request, drivers will ask a seated customer to move to another seat to accommodate customers with special needs. Unfortunately, AllRoads personnel cannot displace a seated customer. Customers with disabilities will then be seated as close to the front as possible and moved forward as seats become available.

We Handle Assist Devices With Care

Assist devices are welcome inside the coach, so long as they can be AllRoads Handles Assist Devices With Caresafely stowed in the overhead passenger compartment. In cases where assist devices cannot be safely stowed in the coach, drivers will be happy to stow them in the baggage compartment. The maximum allowable size for items that may be stowed in the baggage compartment is 33" x 33" x 48" or 24" x 53" x 74". We ask that you allow sufficient extra time for storage of any assist device requiring special handling, to help our team to prevent travel delays.

Rest Stop Assistance

At your request on scheduled stops, drivers or AllRoads representatives will be happy to help with rest stop visits, so long as they are not of a personal nature.

Boarding/Alighting Assistance

In some instances where wheelchair lift buses are not available, alternative boarding assistance will be provided. Alternative boarding options may include the use of alternative lifting equipment, such as the Scalamobil or Aislemaster, or as a last resort, manual lifting.

The following guidelines are offered for groups that require assistance with boarding or alighting. Assistance will only be provided if it can be accomplished in such a manner that the safety of all involved is not compromised.

  • Lift-Equipped Bus. When using a wheelchair lift bus, the combined weight of the customer and occupied chair may not exceed 600 pounds, and the chair or other mobility aid may be no more than 30 inches wide and/or 48 inches long.
  • Alternative Lift Equipment. If the customer can transfer independently to/from their mobility aid to the alternative lift equipment, such as a Scalamobil or Aislemaster, and does not require manual lifting, the customer's weight may not exceed 265 pounds. If the customer requires manual lifting to/from the Scalamobil or Aislemaster, the guidelines for manual lifting will be used.
  • Manual Lifting. If manual lifting is required, the customer's weight may not exceed 200 pounds. Manual lifting will be accomplished using the two-person fireman's lift technique.

How Was Your Trip? We'd Like to Know

Following your trip with AllRoads, we encourage you to rate our performance – that’s why we’ve developed our Quality Assurance Program. We hope you’ll let us know you’ve enjoyed your experience with AllRoads, and if there are any areas in which our services for customers with disabilities can be improved, we want to hear about it from you. We sincerely appreciate your feedback.



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