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AllRoads - Web Based Event Management

Database Management:

Manage individuals such as registrants, families, groups, donors, staff, etc.

Financial Tracking:

Easily track revenue, payments, credit balances, refunds, or transfers.


Send mass emails that are personalized for each recipient, print mailing labels, run mail merges, and save email templates for future use.


Make and print reports with any type of information you like such as rosters or financial reports. You can have an unlimited number of custom reports and templates can be made to your desired look and layout.


Filters are used to find a set of data that matches a specified criteria. For example, you can run a report to find people who signed up for an event last year but have not signed up this year. You can then send emails to those people to market your event.

Data Entry:

If you still accept a few sign ups by phone or paper, data entry is simple. If the user already exists in the system, you can easily update their information. The auto-confirmations can be sent and Online Participant Accounts can be created for entries made internally.

Contact Management:

Note and track every communication with your contacts. Certain types of messages are automatically logged such as confirmation emails and mass emails.


Break down your finances by any billing period to get a snapshot of your business such as total number of participants (online and offline), revenue collected, payments made, etc.


Control all of your online forms within the management system. Adjust prices, dates, times, capacities, locations, and structure of your forms.

Advanced Features:

  • Mass Billing: Participants can choose to be billed automatically.
  • Merge Center: No longer worry about duplicate records in your system. The database can automatically look for possible duplicates and present them to you.
  • Grouping: Grouping tools allow for cabin assignments or team and roster building.
  • Intranet: Store files within the management software.
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